Monthly Archives: January 2010

RdfContext gem version 0.4.5 pushed

Bug fixes and minor API changes:

  • Order includes to remove platform dependencies on load requirements.
  • Fix XML Comparison matcher
  • Add --store option to bin/rdf_context. Let Parser#detect_format intuit file type.
  • Add Graph#contents as alias to store
  • Add ConjunctiveGraph#triples to return all triples from store, not just default context
  • Add Graph#nsbinding to retreive Store#nsbinding
  • Fix numerous SQLite3Store and AbstractSQLStore bugs. Add round-trip tests to Graph spec.

RdfContext gem released

I’ve released version 0.4.4 of the RdfContext gem. As the name implies, RdfContext supports contextual data-stores bound to graphs, along with a ConjunctiveGraph providing the union of contexts within a given data-store.

  • Parses RDF/XML, RDFa and N3. RDF/XML and RDFa both pass all relevant W3C test cases (may be run through specs).
  • Graph and ConjunctiveGraph with pluggable data-stores. MemoryStore and SQLite3Store both support contexts as well as quoted-graphs and formulae, although no appropriate graph classes yet exist.
  • Graphs serialize to N-Triples and RDF/XML.
  • An RDF distiller runs on this site to test out different parsers. This is also useful for running automated RDFa Test Harness. 

RdfContext is based, in part on Tom Morris’ Reddy gem. See the readme on GitHub for more information. MemoryStore, SQLite3Store and ConjunctiveGraph are largely ports of Python RDFLib.