Monthly Archives: April 2010

Socorro Pictures

Just got back from Socorro and associated islands. We dove off of the Solmar V, a very nice dive boat operating out of Cabo San Lucas. I got some wonderful pictures of a friendly Giant Manta Rey who did several fly overs during the course of one dive off San Benedicto Island.

My picks for the best pictures of the trip can be found here. More pictures, including people and several sequences of Manta fly overs can be found here.

Also, I uploaded a slide show made from the the Socorro photo album I recently published. Enjoy.

RdfContext version 0.5.1 brings Turtle and enhanced RDF/XML serializers

Just pushed version 0.5.1 of RdfContext to GitHub and Gemcutter. This version includes a Serializer framework, including a AbstractSerializer, RecursiveSerializer and Turtle and RDF/XML serializers based on these. The RDF/XML serializer is a big improvement over the previous version, including Typed element names an RDF Container folding using parseType="collection".

RdfContext includes native Ruby parsers for RDF/XML, RDFa and N3-rdf, which includes Turtle and N-Triples. All parsers pass W3C tests (included in specs). It also includes context-aware quad store, with in-memory and SQLite3 storage models.