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Nick’s Cove

Here are photos from our weekend at Nick’s Cove in Tamales Bay with Jen & Ty. The first 9 are from a trip I took there in 2002, well before it was restored. The rest are from the other day. The place you see in the first photo, is actually the “Big Rock” villa we stayed in, before renovation. The Warf has been completely rebuilt and extended. Still very picturesque.


Just got back from Wakatobi, in Indonesia near Bali. Great diving, with fantastic reefs. I got some nice shots, I think you’ll see. The primary album is Wakatobi 2008 with a separate album of the wonderful people that I traveled with or encountered. A Youtube video slideshow can be found here.

Above the Bay Area

Recently, my good friend and local traffic reporting luminary, Stan Burford, got me up in the KGO Radio Traffic helicopter on a beautiful day where I could put my Nikon D200 through it’s paces. I think you’ll enjoy the results. We’re blessed here in the Bay Area with some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Picture can be found through the photography page on my site, or directly here.

The ships you see are known as the Mothball Fleet. They include the Glomar Explorer, famous for attempting the recovery of a Soviet Submarine during the Cold War, and the USS Iowa battleship. Other notable highlights were

  • an orbit around my house in San Rafael,
  • two passes by the Golden Gate Bridge,
  • the Palace of Fine Arts,
  • Fisherman’s Wharf, * Coit Tower,
  • San Francisco Skyline,
  • AT&T Park,
  • the Bay Bridge,
  • a shot of the KGO TV helicopter, and
  • McAfee park, home of the Oakland A’s, who you can see warming up on the field.

Thanks to Gary and Terry (reporter and pilot) for making this a most memorable experience! Gregg