With the release of RDF::Turtle, starting with version 0.3.5, RDF::N3 no longer asserts that it is a reader for Turtle. This includes MIME Types text/turtle, application/turtle, application/x-turtle. Or the .ttl extension or :ttl or :turtle formats. Of course, N3 remains reasonably compatible with Turtle, but the recent RDF 1.1 Working Group publication of the Turtle Specification has caused some divergence.

Most notably, in Turtle, the empty prefix (‘:’) is no longer a synonym for <#>. In fact, the empty prefix is no longer defined by default.

RDF::Turtle defines MIME Types text/turtle, text/rdf+turtle, application/turtle and application/x-turtle.

The officially submitted MIME Type for Turtle is text/turtle with default content coding of UTF-8.

As usual, you can try both these and other RDF gems a the distiller At some point, RDF::Turtle will make it into the [linkeddata gem].