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Roatan June 2022

First time diving at Coco View Resort in Roatan.

Roatan June 2021

After a year lock down, back diving in Roatan at Turquoise Bay Resort. Away from much of the rest of the island, this place has good nearby diving and was a fun relaxing place to stay.

Channel Islands August 2019

Nice to be back diving the Channel Islands on the Truth. This time, conditions prevented us from diving Catalina and San Clemente, but we got a day in on Santa Barbara Island and two on Santa Cruz Island. Conditions were so-so, but it was fun to be back with friends and in the more rugged California diving conditions.

Saint Lucia June 2019

It was great to be back diving at Anse Chastenet in Saint Lucia after a long hiatus from diving. The resort is wonderful and the reefs are in great shape. First real chance to use my Olympus OMD-5.

Philippines September 2013

I had a great dive in the Philippines diving at Atmosphere Resort in Negros Oriental and Amun Ini in Bohol. This was really a great opportunity for some warm-water macro-photography, and as I had not even brought a wide-angle lens, this is where I focused. Enjoy the photo gallery.

Channel Islands May 2012

Just back from a great trip to Santa Cruz Island over Memorial day. Did some teaching, and had just about two dives to do some Underwater Macro Photography. I recently purchased a Canon 100 mm USM, which I got to check out. Water was pretty murky, but being able to get just inches away from the subjects does wonders. While shooting one of the Nudi’s a Harbor Seal started tugging on my fins, and came right around in front; that’s when I wished I had had a wide angle lens too. Check out the photo gallery.

Palau January 2012

Just got back from my second trip to Palau, a wonderful place to dive. You can check out the photo album.

Sea of Cortez

I just returned from a week on the Rocio del Mar diving the northern Sea of Cortez (aka the Gulf of California). We dove along the Midriff Islands and had great encounters with Sperm Whales and Whale Sharks, not to mention the often over-exhuberant Sea Lions. Check out the photos.

Channel Islands July/August 2011

Recently returned from a 3-day trip on the Horizon out of San Diego. We had two great days at San Clemente Island, and spent the last day outside San Diego, with two dives on the Yukon, a former Canadian Destroyer sunk as an artificial reef and dive site. Unfortunately, it went down early and landed on It’s side; It’s now known as “Milt’s Tilt”. Enjoy the photos.

Point Lobos June 2011

Two great dives at Point Lobos with the Pinnacles crew. First dives with my new Canon T2i/Aquatica set up. Pictures here.

Channel Islands July 2010

New photos from my recent dive trip to the Channel Islands.

Socorro Pictures

Just got back from Socorro and associated islands. We dove off of the Solmar V, a very nice dive boat operating out of Cabo San Lucas. I got some wonderful pictures of a friendly Giant Manta Rey who did several fly overs during the course of one dive off San Benedicto Island.

Pictures from Monterey & Pt. Lobos

Check out pictures from diving in Monterey and Pt. Lobos.


Just got back from Wakatobi, in Indonesia near Bali. Great diving, with fantastic reefs. I got some nice shots, I think you’ll see. The primary album is Wakatobi 2008 with a separate album of the wonderful people that I traveled with or encountered. A Youtube video slideshow can be found here.

Channel Islands July 2008

Just got back from an interesting trip to San Clemente island. Not too many pictures this time, but some nice action shots of Sea Lions at Santa Barbara Island.

Channel Islands July 2007

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to the Channel Islands including San Clemente, Catalina and Santa Cruz Islands.

Channel Islands May 2007

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to the Channel Islands, including two days at San Miguel Island.

Bonaire May 2007

Pictures from dive trip to Bonaire in May 2007.

Cozumel January 2006

Pictures from dive trip to Cozumel in January 2006: Cozumel 2006-02.

Utila April 2004

Pictures from dive trip to Utila, Honduras (one of the Bay Islands) in April of 2004: Utila 2004.

Palau January 2005

Pictures from dive trip to Palau in January 2005: Palau 2005-01.

Channel Islands 2006

Pictures from Dive trip aboard the Truth Aquatics Vision in July 2006: Channel Islands 2006-07-15.

Costa Rica/Cocos Island

here’s a link to pictures I took while diving in Cocos Island in Costa Rica from August 25th through September 5th 2006: Costa Rica 2006-08.