Monthly Archives: September 2011

rdf.rb 0.3.4 released

After several months of gathering updates for RDF.rb, we’ve released version 0.3.4 with several new features:

RDF::RDFa update with vocabulary expansion, RDF collections and more

I’ve updated RDF::RDFa with updates from recent changes to RDF Core:

RDF::N3 no longer accepts text/turtle or :ttl

With the release of RDF::Turtle, starting with version 0.3.5, RDF::N3 no longer asserts that it is a reader for Turtle. This includes MIME Types text/turtle, application/turtle, application/x-turtle. Or the .ttl extension or :ttl or :turtle formats. Of course, N3 remains reasonably compatible with Turtle, but the recent RDF 1.1 Working Group publication of the Turtle Specification has caused some divergence.